Jewellery Design


Our jewellery design story isn't like any story.  It began in Royal Tunbridge Wells 2013 with 25 yrs expiriens in elegant jewellery designs, jewellery repairs and our  big dreams .We are  jewellers inspired by 3D modeling and traditional goldsmithing techniques. Our designs will not only inspire you, they will transform you.  Custom, bespoke projects are our specialty, and we really enjoying helping clients realize their ideas and more. 

Jewellery Repairs


Wear and tear is the reality of our busy lives.     

We define “Repair” as our effort to return piece of jewelry to its pristine state to make it as beautiful,as functional,as valuable as when new.In order to do that,we must recognize that state and the craft used to create it. If your chosen pieces need servicing, we stand ready to assist.  We have a full range of jewelry repairs and maintenance services.  From cleaning and tightening to  resizing and remodeling — our team can help you in a timely and supportive manner.      

Restringing Service


   We restring pearl necklaces and bracelets with silk thread and knot  between each pearl,also replace the clasp if required in our onside workshops. 

We restring your pearls or beads quickly and at great value, so you can wear your jewellery again!  

 What we recommend is to restringing your pearls every year or so but  if you wear your jewellery every day you will have to get them restrung  after couple months. Even if you care for your pearls well, eventually string gets weaker, dirt and grease gets between pearls.